How to Care for Your Cat's Teeth
Like humans, a cat has two sets of teeth: a deciduous set and a permanent set. The first set consists of 26 "milk teeth" without molars and starts to appear when the kitten is about four weeks olds. Once your cat hits six weeks of age, all 26 milk teeth are present but would lose all of their deciduous teeth between 11 to 30 weeks. During this time period, your cat may eat less and suffer from sore gums.

March 21st, 2007Grooming Your Cat

Grooming Your Cat
Unlike the shorthaired cat that uses his rough tongue to groom his coat, longhaired cats can’t groom their coats themselves. Longhairs should be groomed, starting as a kitten, from 10 to 30 minutes a day. If not brushed or combed daily their coats become matted. Then you’ll have to pay the vet or professional groomer a price for neglecting your longhaired companion. Special combs and brushes can be fou