As of this moment, there are still no standards created for organic pet food. However, experts are continuously convening on this subject so that there will finaly be a standard in place for the Organic pet food industry to use as guidelines. Meanwhile, human standards apply, including labeling of pet food products. However, following the standards is not mandatory, so be wary and know the standards. Note that the
Choosing the Right Food for Your Cat
Premium cat food Although more expensive than average brands, these foods are often better for your cat. They are low-bulk, which means that cats will digest more of the food, thus eating and eliminating less. They contain little or no dyes, which can be important if your cat vomits regularly (easier to clean up); probably also good from a diet viewpoint. Examples of these kind of brands include (but are not limi

March 21st, 2007Balanced Diet for Cat

Balanced Diet for Cat
You may need to change your cat’s diet for any number of reasons. Often, you will find that your cat refuses the new food. Don’t worry. Leave food out and keep it fresh until your cat is hungry enough to eat it. Your cat will not be harmed by several days of low food intake: as a carnivore, it is biologically adapted to going without food for several days between kills. If you give in to its refusal to