June 5th, 2008Arthritis in Cats

Arthritis in Cats
Arthritis is one of the most uncomfortable diseases humans could experience. However, this ailment is not exclusive to us, as this progressive disease could also affect your dear animals especially on dogs and cats. Most cases of cat arthritis affect older felines, but can develop at any age. Just like any other case of arthritis, once it starts it does not stop. Types of Cat Arthritis Although cats do not seem to
When Cat Gets the Midnight Crazy
You may wake up by a sudden sound of clashing in your kitchen or living room and find your pet cat being the culprit for all the noises that way made instead of a suspected burglar. By the time you spot your darling animal jumping from one shelve to another, running like a mobster evading a fast running cop, crying out loud, leaping as much as it can then you are witnessing what the pet owners call the Midnight Cra
How To Read Your Cat's Mind
Cats can be mysterious creatures. They are so unlike dogs which are open to show their feelings to humans. Cats, on the other hand are secretive creatures that does not seem to try and openly show what they feel unless truly necessary. In most parts, cat owners need to know how to read a pet’s mind in order to be able to understand them more. Cat Signs One way of learning to read a cat’s mind is by kno

June 2nd, 2008How Cats Communicate

How Cats Communicate
Cats communicate by a number of ways. Although perceived as secretive and mysterious pets for some reason, cats do try to communicate to other cats but also to people. They do it through body language, actions as well as through sounds. Pet owners should know how to look at these different signs in order to better understand their own pet cats. Body Language Cats also communicate using body language. But they way
Cat Can Experience Depression
Cats, like us humans, are sensitive too. In fact, they are even more sensitive, owing to the fact that hey have a more complex nervous system. Imagine if you were a cat, you’d be even more of a wreck when you have problems. Cats can bite, scratch, get restless and become aloof when depressed. So the next time, your cat is acts out, do not scold him/her and think "now me and my pet both need therapy"
Recognizing an Overweight Pet
USA Today reported that over 25% of dogs and cats in the Western world, including the USA, are obese. Obesity in pets have been found to occur in countries where obesity in humans is also prevalent. Researchers believe that this is due to the owners’ lifestyle rather than overfeeding. What causes obesity in pets? Some researchers believe that obesity might have something to do with your training. Rewarding y

March 30th, 2007Spay and Neuter Your Cat

Spay and Neuter Your Cat
A critical part of caring for a pregnant cat is ensuring that neither she, nor any other female cats in residence, ever become pregnant again. Once you have verified your cat’s pregnancy and made the decision either of spaying her and terminating the pregnancy or allowing the pregnancy to continue, the very next thing you should do is take positive steps to ensure this will be the last feline pregnancy in you
How to Tell if Your Cat is Pregnant
If your cat was in heat and had access to a tom (unneutered male) cat, the likelihood that she is pregnant is very strong. A pregnant queen will show both physical and personality changes which will become more evident around three weeks after breeding. The gestation period for cats runs from 60 to 67 days. I like to use 63 days as an average, because it is easier to equate with human gestation (nine weeks vs nine