June 3rd, 2008Basenji

The Basenji is a breed of hunting dog that has a unique trait. It doesn’t bark. Instead, it lets out a howl or a yodel-like sound. The reason for this is that the Basenji has an unusually shaped larynx. And for this trait, it has also been known as the African Dingo or the African Barkless dog. Origins The Basenji is considered as one of the oldest dog breeds known. Carvings from ancient Egyptian artifacts d

June 3rd, 2008Saint Bernard

Saint Bernard
Saint Bernard’s are one of the most famous breeds of pet dogs. They are called the Swiss Alps’ rescuers from the legend of the St. Bernard’s devotion to rescuing people stranded in the Alps. They are tall and powerful dogs, strong and muscular with an intelligent expression. Appearance and Size The St. Bernard’s head, like the rest of its body, is strong and powerful. Its skull is broad and

June 3rd, 2008Pomeranian

Pomorze, Pommem or Pomeranian originated form the sled dogs in Greenland and Lapland which was later on introduced in Pomerania at Central Europe which now form part the northern Poland and eastern Germany. Pomerania is a region wherein it is surrounded by the Baltic Sea. The said region stretches from the est of the Rugen Island to Vistula River. This breed of dog came from the Spitz family. It hs been considered

June 2nd, 2008Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever
The Labrador Retriever is considered as the most popular dog breed by registered ownership not only in the United States but also in the world. This breed is widely praised by owners for its friendly nature, high intelligence as well as having a highly trainable behavior. The breed’s adorable nature despite its size also makes it a good companion dog even for little kids. Breed Origin Contrary to what its na

June 2nd, 2008Miniature Schnauzer

Miniature Schnauzer
History Origin The Miniature Schnauzer originated from the breed of small dog named Schnauzer in the mid to late 19th century. This breed of dog was developed through cross breeding of the Standard Schnauzer and or Poodle, Affenpinscher and Miniature Pinscher. The earliest Miniature Schnauzer was recorded in 1888 and was initially showcased during the year 1899. American Kennel Club or AKC which is the registry of

May 30th, 2008Rottweiler

The Rottweiler is a large dog breed that has its origins in Germany. It was initially bred as a herding dog. The dog is known for its natural protective instincts and has since become quite effective having the role of a guard dog. Although frequently mistaken as a ferocious dog due to improper training that makes them aggressive, Rottweilers can also become quite excellent companions if given the proper care and t

May 30th, 2008Bulldog

The Bulldog is a medium size dog breed that is also considered as one of the popular breeds in the world today. Also known as the British or the English Bulldog referring to their origin, this dog breed is known for its ferocious appearance yet relatively docile and gentle attitude. The bulldog was initially bred for the sport of bull baiting, an ancient sport where dogs are used to try and overpower a bigger bait,

May 30th, 2008Cocker Spaniel

Cocker Spaniel
The cocker spaniel is actually a common name for two distinct versions of the dog breed. There is the English cocker spaniel and the American cocker spaniel. Each version are known more commonly as just cocker spaniel in their home countries. Breed Origins Cocker spaniels come from a large family of dogs called the spaniels which existed for almost 500 years. Spaniels were larger and bigger than the modern cocker

May 30th, 2008Greyhound

The Greyhound is a very popular breed of dog. It is mostly bred for racing and other similar games, due to its long powerful legs, deep chest and lean, aerodynamic built. Popularly thought to have originated in Ancient Egypt, the Greyhound were used primarily for hunting due to their keen eyesight. Its name does not necessarily make a reference to its appearance, as Greyhounds are seen with a wide variety of coats.

May 30th, 2008Giant Schnauzer

Giant Schnauzer
he Giant Schnauzer is one of the three Schnauzer breeds. It is widely considered a perfect family pet because of its loyalty, intelligence and courageousness. It is very easy to train and has a rugged look and a watchful eye. Breed Origin Giant Schnauzers originate from Germany in the regions of Bavaria and Württemberg. The Schnauzer family is divided into three – the miniature schnauzer, the standard sc