How to Trim a Dog's Toenails
Just like us dogs do need some nail trimming as well. Be reminded that trimming for them is not just a matter of grooming as this affects its health big time. Untrimmed nails can cause different types of health problems of which broken nails is most rampant and is very much painful. So then, by the time you hear that clicking sound coming from the floor you already know what to do. The ease in trimming your dog

June 12th, 2008Do Dogs Feel Love?

Do Dogs Feel Love?
"Learning to know somebody intimately is often the beginnings of dislike, sometimes even of contempt. Among humans, love often does not survive a growing acquaintance, but in a dog, love seems to grow with acquaintance, to get stronger, deeper. Even when fully acquainted with all our weaknesses, our treachery, our unkindness, the dog seems to love strongly – and this love is returned by most dog-loving h
First Visit to The Veterinarian
The most fascinating, loving action that a pet owner cam give to its darling animal is to have his or her pet be subject to the regular, timely health care that it can get from its veterinarian. The life of our pet depends on its health care. Prevention is at all times better than cure. Veterinarians can determine the state of the puppies health. It is in this way for the owner to know if the dog is having some pro
How to Remove Pet Hair from Carpet
Carpet is a very good household ornament. It sure is nice walking going from one room to another in our house while walking in a carpeted surface. Yet again this household ornament maybe like a live sucking vacuum sucking our pets hair when it starts rolling, running and tossing its body on it. When our pet’s hair accumulate on the carpet the harder it is for us to take off, the more awful our home will look

May 30th, 2008Bathing Your Dog

Bathing Your Dog
Like humans, your pet dog should be bathed for a cleaner coat and to eliminate that doggy odor. However, unlike humans, dogs should be bathed when they are really dirty because overbathing removes their coat’s natural oils and would dry out its hairs. If you are taking your dog to bath for the first time, here are what you should do. Choose a place for your dog to bathe – Puppies and small dogs can be b

May 23rd, 2008Controlling Dog Shedding

Controlling Dog Shedding
We love our pets but not their filth. Yet again, taking care of what they naturally take out is something that we just have to do. It is one of the responsibilities of loving them. Hair shedding is one of the biggest problems of pet owners. It is already not lovely seeing dog hairs all over our sheets, closet, clothes, bed, sofa… every where. We cannot stop dog shedding nevertheless there are effective ways i

May 23rd, 2008Flying With Your Dog

Flying With Your Dog
What most people think with the idea of traveling with their pet is that it is easy. Yet again, such blitheness is only in the front of a difficult scenario for a person who does not have any idea about the responsibility that they will face when bringing their little darling animal with them. Keep in mind the following details so to make your traveling with your pet smooth sailing. Scheduling One must book their
Caring For Your Older Dog
There will come a time that an active dog would no longer be the pet that it once was. Your pets also go through the process of aging that may also require a rather different type of care. This will help not only make life more comfortable for your pet dog but also make the bond between you and your pet stronger. When does a dog get older? Dogs have a shorter life span as compared to humans. Most people don̵

May 20th, 2008Dog Annual Checklist

Dog Annual Checklist
Pet dogs require the owners care and attention in order to remain healthy and active. This will call for having your dog its annual checkup to make sure that your pet maintain that healthy and energetic appearance. Here is a checklist of some things that would help ensure your pet dog remain that way all year. Vet Appointment It is essential that you should bring your pet dog to an annual visit with a veterinarian

May 18th, 2008Cleaning a Doghouse

Cleaning a Doghouse
It is imperative to provide our pets with clean dog house. Doghouse can be smutty most of the time. We may find pet urine, dirt, flea and any other distasteful matter being brought by out pets. Nevertheless, no matter how distasteful are the matters that we can see in our pet’s area we do not have the choice but to clean it. Unclean environment only promises sickness and more dirt to our house. The following