May 15th, 2008Pet Dental Care

Pet Dental Care
Dogs love bones. Not because it is their food of choice. The truth of the matter is they use bones to clean their teeth. Kind of like humans using toothpicks. Now with a lot of health care services and products available for your dog, make sure he’s getting proper dental care. What you can do? Take your dog to the vet for a dental exam. If you suspect that he has dental problems, take him to the vet right awa

May 13th, 2008Dealing with Fleas

Dealing with Fleas
Fleas are a common, albeit difficult, pet problem. Pet cats and dogs are the most common targets of fleas. Some species of fleas even attack humans. Life cycle of fleas Fleas are external parasites that live on the blood of warm blooded animals. A flea can lay as many as 600 eggs in one lifetime. The eggs fall from a host (your pet) and days to a few weeks to hatch. The larva (the hatched-egg) move actively and ca

March 19th, 2007Taking Care of a Dog

Taking Care of a Dog
We all have pets that we love. But none can be more famous than man’s best friend, the dog. It is one of the best pets to have because of the love and companionship that it offers. And one of best things about dogs is that they don’t talk back. So how do you exactly do a good job of caring for your dog after all of the affection that it gives you? Here are some pet care tips for all of you dog-lovers ou
Emergency Care For Dog Poisoning
The definition of a poison is any substance that is harmful to the animal’s body. There are a wide range of potentially poisonous substances for your dog. One of the most common poisons are animal baits which are effective palatable poisons the encourage animals to eat or ingest these chemicals. Dogs are naturally curious and they have an inclination to hunt anything that is quite smaller or even explore pla