June 16th, 2008Why Do Dogs Bury Bones?

Why Do Dogs Bury Bones?
Seeing dogs burying bones beneath the ground has been a very rampant site world wide. It has been a behavior that many notice and at times lead us to think why do dogs do such action when they are well fed? For some, it is because of greed yet again it might be due to some other factors. Hoarding or catching is the process wherein animals get food for them and store it somewhere they feel safe for them to divulge
How to Prevent Heartworm Infection
The heartworm problem is rampant in many parts of North America and is also found in Central and Eastern United States of America. This canine disease damages the heart, the lungs and its arteries caused by a microscopic heartworm that grows into a more than a foot in length parasite. Infection from this sickness can only be diagnosed through blood testing. Animals infected by this sort of health problem may be ver

June 13th, 2008Teaching Your Dog to Swim

Teaching Your Dog to Swim
You may have watched television shows that feature dogs that know how to swim. However, in reality, not all dogs can swim. Before teaching your dog how to swim, you need to make sure if your dog’s breed is capable of swimming. Also you need to follow these instructions. Swim with your dog first – You do not just throw the dog to the water and check if it can dog paddle. The best way to train your dog to
Stopping a Dog from Chewing
Most pets come to a point wherein they are on the extreme zone for chewing things especially the young ones. Slippers, toys or anything that may be reached by a dog is subject for chewing. How do we manage this situation? The following are helpful guidelines in managing your pet’s chewing problem. Baby-proofing the House Give your pet something to chew and carry away with them. Have a specific, reachable plac

May 30th, 2008Preventing Dog Bites

Preventing Dog Bites
The United States celebrate May 14 to 20 as their National Dog Bit Prevention Week. With millions of dogs in the country, not all of them are friendly towards humans and can also put you at risk from getting bitten. Even if you are a dog own, you will never know when your pet may bite you, whether accidental or serious. Here are what you need to know to educate yourself on dog bite prevention. Never approach a stra

May 26th, 2008How to Train a Dog

How to Train a Dog
Training your dog is not easy. Sometimes it can be really frustrating. Especially when a so-called "tried-and-tested" way of training a dog is proving to be not so effective after all. Before you start with your training, first… Clear your head of any notions and any "correct" ways of training you might have heard before so as not to have any expectations or frustrations later on. Bond wi

May 23rd, 2008Weight Problem in Dogs

Weight Problem in Dogs
Dogs, like humans, also have weight issues. Like us, they are either overweight or underweight. Cute and fat little puppies are adorable but, when your dog is way past babyhood and is still really chubby, it could be a serious ailment, like heart problems. Likewise, if your dog is way too slim, it could also be a sign of a serious illness such as diabetes. Factors that determine your dog’s weight There are m

May 22nd, 2008Canine Genetic Disease

When it comes to genetics, dogs also inherits good genes as well as the bad ones from their ancestors. Dog breeders try to develop good traits in dogs that come from the good genes from their parents. But along the way bad genes may also be passed along the way. This may be due to the two basic principles of genetics- one cannot usually tell what an offspring would come out just by looking at their parents and tha
How Many Hours Do Animals Sleep
Sleep is a basic necessity for most animals. Like human, animal will feel tired if they have not had a good night’s sleep at night. So how many hours do animals sleep? Less than 6 hours Giraffe Elephant Cow Horse Whale 7 to 11 hours Pig Rabbit Chimp Dog Guppy Hedgehog Companion bird 12 to 16 hours Cat Mouse Gerbil Squirrel Lion Toad Ferret Hamster 16 hours and more Python Opossum Bat Armadillo &

May 20th, 2008Treating Dog Allergies

Treating Dog Allergies
There are various treatments being used to help treat allergies in dogs. The treatments available would depend on the type of allergy that your pet dog experiences. Here are some of the more common treatments that vets may use to help your pet dog cope up with different types of allergies. Topical Treatments Most of the time, pet dogs would suffer from allergies that would have them continuously itching and scratc