May 20th, 2008Allergies In Dogs

Allergies In Dogs
Your pet dog, just like a human being, can also suffer from a variety of allergies. It can be a hassle if you find your own pet dog going through such an experience and you don’t know what to do. Catching up on your knowledge of the different allergies that might affect your pet dog would help you understand and even providing the necessary care that your pet would require. Dogs can get a wide variety of all
Dealing with Devastating Pet Injuries
Animals have that uncanny ability to cope with whatever injury comes their way, no matter how extreme. Stories of amazing animal recoveries and accomplishments pour in from all over the world. Animal Euthanasia However, is only recently that people have come to accept handicapped animals as pets. Even more recently have efforts in saving an animal from death due to a severe injury become priority or even an option.

September 10th, 2007How Intelligent are Pets

Every pet owner becomes elated when he/she finds out that their pets are highly intelligent. They gauge the level of intelligence based on observed behaviors like the way their pets’ exhibit learning abilities, problem-solving abilities, observation skills, memory skills, and a high level of curiosity. A lot of research and studies have practically nullified the common belief centuries ago that animals are n
How to Deal with Teething Puppies
Whenever you have a toy dog or toy puppy coming in, you will be bombarded with a lot of new things to adjust to. There will be more expenses, more cleaning done and most especially, more chewed things around the house. A puppy can be a mischievous little thing when it comes to the integrity of your furniture, footwear and practically just about anything that’s lying around in your house. These little animals