Taking Your Puppy to the Park
Walking your puppy is a great way of dog exercise. It also avoids idleness and obesity often seen in house dogs that do not have an active lifestyle. Dog walking is also recommended to get your puppy socializing with other dogs. However, there are precautions that you should take heed before doing so. Avoid busy parks at first – Off-leash parks (where pet dogs are allowed to play without a leash) as well as v

May 30th, 2008Professional Pet Sitters

Professional Pet Sitters
Busy pet lovers do not need to worry about their pets when they are planning to have a time away for themselves alone. Professional Pet Sitters or PPS has been on business for several years now. It aims to help people who has pets to have the time of their life while traveling for what so ever reason away from home and their pets. The professional pet sitters make sure to take care of your dogs. They clean them, ta

May 22nd, 2008Buying Pet Insurance

Buying Pet Insurance
Buying pet insurance requires much thought, there are a number of things you must do before you buy a pet insurance. What you need to do before buying pet insurance Consider whether you really need to get pet insurance. You might not be a pet owner all your life. But if you are sure you will be, then getting pet insurance can be a wise move. Do some research on Pet Insurance companies. You can find top insurance
Coping with The Death of Your Pet
Death is one of the situations that we do not want ourselves to deal with as much as we can. Nevertheless such situation is inevitable. Living, dying it is the cycle of life. Living gives us happiness, adventure while the other generally gives grief. How do we deal with death? There are four generally accepted stages of grief and those are: Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression and Acceptance. Everyone generally pa

May 13th, 2008Choosing The Right Pet

Choosing The Right Pet
Choosing a pet for you and your family is not as simple as it seems. When choosing the right pet for you and your family, there are many things you have to consider. What kind of pet do you like? First of all, think of what kind of pet you would like to own. Think of your personality. What kind of pet suits you. For instance, if you are an outdoors-y type of person, you may want to consider owning a dog, since cats

May 12th, 2008What's In a Pet's Name?

What's In a Pet's Name?
What’s in a pet’s name? For some people, choosing a name for their pets is as serious as choosing a name for their kids. For some it’s a simple as choosing your favorite color. However serious you are in naming your pet, here are some things you should keep in mind. Does it suit your pet? Say you own a cute hairy Maltese . It doesn’t make sense to call it "Baldy". All the more does

September 10th, 2007Online Pet Resources

Online Pet Resources
Online pet resources have become an excellent source of information for those people who are fond of pets and find it necessary to be able to connect with other people out there. It is quite important to be able to find different types of online resources if you are a pet owner because this simply saves you the time and trouble of physically leaving your house in order to go to a pet community gathering just to be