May 27th, 2008Learning About Dog Food

Learning About Dog Food
As society becomes more and more humane to animal companions, the market is steadily becoming more and more flooded with dog food product. All claim to be "the best", "the most nutritious" or "perfect for any all breeds" or "perfect for all ages" and the like. But before we pet owners become convinced of manufacturers’ brilliant marketing plans, first consider the follo
How to Select The Perfect Leash
Choosing the perfect leash for your dog can take some work. Although for some people, using any dog leash they can find would be good enough, there are various dog leash choices out there that are actually designed for different types of dogs. Dog breeds of different kinds would require different types of dog leashes not only to make them comfortable but also to be more convenient for the dog owner. The Right Leng
Pet Food Labeling and Allergies
These days, buying food for our animal companions is about as costly and as thought-provoking as buying food for another human being. The annual figure for pet-food spending exceeds US$ 11 Billion as reported by the Pet Food Institute. But what really goes into the food that our animal companions feed on? The answer to that should be plastered on the face of your pet-food brand of choice. What pet-food manufacturer

May 26th, 2008Optimum Pet Nutrition

Optimum Pet Nutrition
Optimum Diet basically means a diet that meets "all of the nutritional components which are necessary for all organs and systems of a healthy body to perform in harmonious unison" (Mary L. Wulff-Tilford author of "All You Ever Wanted To Know About Herbs and For Pets"). More often than not, we choose pet-foods that appeal to u, pet owners, rather than what our pets really need. Pet owners are eas

May 23rd, 2008Organic Dog Food

Organic Dog Food
In the quest for providing our dogs with the best nutrition available, pet owners and dog food manufacturers are venturing into the supposedly healthy but otherwise confusing world of organic pet foods. What does "organic" mean? The term "organic" is both complex and confusing. Even authorities are baffled about how to define organic and what are the acceptable standards for "organic"
Dog Nutrition Supplements
The market is flooded with supplements that promise to improve our over-all health and well being, help us look younger, age slower, live longer, and keep us fit and well. And this not only for us humans, but for are canine companions as well. Dog supplements are exploding in the market, making pretty much the same claim as human supplements do. So before you jump into the Pro dog supplement band wagon, there are