Kids will always be fascinated with animals, and that makes them prone from being attacked if they are not careful. Even if the animals around you are mostly domesticated such as cats and dogs, this does not automatically make your children safe. In the United States alone, around 2 million dog bites occur every year. Many homes in America are raising dogs as pets, and it is natural that you children be delighted i

June 2nd, 2008Shipping Your Pet

A number of pet lovers are constantly having problems with regard to transporting their pets from one place to another. For whatsoever reason that you need to ship your pet whether you are traveling with it within and out of the country or you just bought a new pet do mind the several pet reminders when transferring it through plane. Requirements for Shipping Make sure to make arrangements for your pet several week
We always want to ensure that our pet will be fine when we are out of time. At times when we already do not have any option to bring our beloved animals with us we tend to leave them at someone else’s care be it a friend, a neighbor or a relative. However, so to avoid giving other people the inconvenience of doing our duties it is also advised to leave your pet to the professionals for instance, pet sitter an

May 30th, 2008Pet Friendly Hotels

Pet Friendly Hotels
A pet friendly hotel always come in handy for pet owners and it is the ones that are often fully booked. That is simply why it is advised for the pet lovers to make a reservation at least three months before the planned stay on that hotel. Nonetheless, minding about the reservation does not end your duty in giving your pet the bliss in traveling. Mind that the rules and regulations for pets just like in an airline

May 30th, 2008Pet Friendly Airlines

Pet Friendly Airlines
Pet policies on Airlines differ from one to another. So then when you are intending to travel with your pet in a cabin or cargo hold of an airline it is advised that you familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations of the airline that you and your pet are going to board. The following are the list of Airlines that you might like to try. Air Canada: 1-888-247-2262
How to Move with Your Pet
Moving to another home can take some getting-used-to, especially for you pet. When moving with you pet to a new home there are somethings you have to consider. Plan beforehand Think about what you’ll be needing for your journey. Most importantly consider your means of transportation and your destination. Will you be traveling by plane? Maybe you can call up the airlines for their pet accommodations. Will th

May 21st, 2008Overcoming Fear in Dogs

Overcoming Fear in Dogs
Fear is a difficult thing to overcome. It is built-in in all of us to keep us from danger. It is not only present in humans, but in animals as well. Your dog inherited its temperament from the dogs that make up its family tree. However, this doesn’t mean that confident parents will produce a confident offspring. Your dog from might have inherited its temperament from a predecessor a few generations back. And
Traveling by Car With Your Pet
Traveling with pets in our car is bliss and it is more fantastic for people who love their pets so much. But as much as it is pleasurable to have our pets with us it also obliges us to be responsible to tend to our pets needs. When traveling through car it is not only ourselves that we have to take care of but also the creatures we call pet that we bring with us. Several car accidents have already been reported du