September 10th, 2007Choosing a Rabbit as Pet

Choosing a Rabbit as Pet
When people talk about pets, probably the first animal that comes to mind is a dog or maybe a cat. However, there are some people who simply prefer rabbits over those two classic pets. It’s not uncommon to have rabbits as pets nowadays simply because they have a lot of advantages. They are social animals as they allow themselves to be petted and they are also active and playful. For the prepared owner, they w

August 29th, 2007Choosing a Rabbit Breed

Choosing a Rabbit Breed
For people who are would be first time rabbit owners, they often get surprised to know that there are more than 40 breeds of rabbits that they could choose from. Each breed has distinct colors, sizes, shapes and coat types. However, the differences can be subtle with only the size and coat types as the most pronounced ones. There are dwarfed rabbits that can weigh under 2.5 lbs and giant ones that can reach sizes o