October 9th, 2007Taking Care of Your Turtle

Taking Care of Your Turtle
Taking care of one’s turtle might seem such an easy task but be sure not to be complacent. It’s very important that you always tend to your turtle and take into account what his special needs are. He might seem like he’s a low maintenance pet but careful and precise procedures should be taken to ensure that your turtle lives long enough. There are too many stories of turtles dying in captivity so

April 4th, 2007Buying a Snakes as Pets

Buying a Snakes as Pets
Snakes are fascinating, and with regular handling can be quite tame. However, snakes are obviously not for everyone. They have unique care and handling requirements and should only be kept by those with the commitment to understand and meet their needs. Also, some grow very large and can be dangerous, so any potential snake owner needs to carefully research snakes before acquiring one. There are several snake spec