How to Remove Pet Hair from Carpet
Carpet is a very good household ornament. It sure is nice walking going from one room to another in our house while walking in a carpeted surface. Yet again this household ornament maybe like a live sucking vacuum sucking our pets hair when it starts rolling, running and tossing its body on it. When our pet’s hair accumulate on the carpet the harder it is for us to take off, the more awful our home will look

June 5th, 2008Arthritis in Cats

Arthritis in Cats
Arthritis is one of the most uncomfortable diseases humans could experience. However, this ailment is not exclusive to us, as this progressive disease could also affect your dear animals especially on dogs and cats. Most cases of cat arthritis affect older felines, but can develop at any age. Just like any other case of arthritis, once it starts it does not stop. Types of Cat Arthritis Although cats do not seem to
When Cat Gets the Midnight Crazy
You may wake up by a sudden sound of clashing in your kitchen or living room and find your pet cat being the culprit for all the noises that way made instead of a suspected burglar. By the time you spot your darling animal jumping from one shelve to another, running like a mobster evading a fast running cop, crying out loud, leaping as much as it can then you are witnessing what the pet owners call the Midnight Cra

June 5th, 2008Cornish Rex

Cornish Rex
Breed Origin Cornish Rex is yet another type of cat breed from United Kingdom. It was said to be a genetic mutation from a litter of young cat born in the 1950s in Cornwall, United Kingdom. Unlike the Devon Rex cats the Cornish Rex has shortened guard hairs. Appearance The softest among any cat breed is the Cornish Rex. It has a very light coat suitable for living indoors and warm weather. It has a sleek loo

June 5th, 2008Devon Rex

Devon Rex
Breed Origin The Devon Rex is the newest of its kind. It emerged in United Kingdom on the year 1960s. Since this type of cat is again new, there are only a few number of them in the world which makes it very rare. This cat’s ancestors are of German Rex and the Cornish Rex. This new breed was discovered in Buckfastleigh, Devon, United Kingdom in the year 1960. It was first though of being linked with the Corni

June 5th, 2008Japanese Bobtail

Japanese Bobtail
Breed  Origin Japanese Bobtail is a type of cat breed. Its presence is rampant all over the world yet its origin is in the Southeast Asia and yes, Japan. Although this breed is not exclusive only in Japan it has been name as "Japanese Bobtail" nonetheless. It is because of the cat’s rich history in the said country. Several written evidence has been found that cats came to Japan from China and

June 5th, 2008Siberian Cat

Siberian Cat
Breed Origin Siberian cats originated from Russia. It is a longhaired breed of cat of many types of color. It is also the most recognized cat in many major cat registries like the Cat Fanciers’ Association or CFA and TICA. This type of cat breed popularity heightened during the year 1990’s. Nevertheless, its history has been very tremendous. It has been included in many Russian arts, paintings and writi

June 4th, 2008Exotic Shorthair

Exotic Shorthair
The Exotic Shorthair, or simply called Exotic cat, is a result of a cross breeding between the American Shorthair and Persian during the 1960s. It has the same body and head of a Persian cat, but has a short, easy-to-maintain coat. This cat breed is ideal for fanciers who love the look and personality of the Persian but not the daily grooming it requires. Breed Origin The origins of the Exotic Shorthair began as a

June 4th, 2008Chartreux

Breed Origin The cat breed Chartreux is originally from France. Legend has it that this cat is from the cat brought to France by Charthusian monks to live with them in the monastery of the Grand Chartreuse that can be found in the Chartreuse Mountain at the northern parts of the Grenoble City. On the other hand the said monastery denies any records or archives regarding the monks be accessed which is pertaini

June 4th, 2008Brittany

The Brittany is a dog breed that was first used for bird hunting. It is considered as the smallest of the French spaniels, although the breed’s characteristics and traits closely links it to a pointer or a setter. It is now considered as a good pet to have around children. Breed Origins The Brittany was a breed that was developed in the Brittany province in France sometime in the 1800’s. They have been